Tati S. Titch, “OUI?”. Spray paint on Instax photographs, exhibited in urban public spaces and on Google Maps. Salon–de–Provence, 2016

A continuation of “So Do I” (Moscow, 2015) and “IMAGINE” (Cyprus, 2016), “OUI?” inherits both their technique and the way in which the series is presented to the viewer: as a constellation of street art in public spaces and as a meta layer on Google Maps. In “OUI?” Tati S. Titch once again embraces the medium of photography: instant pictures, combined with stencil and wheatpaste techniques, become foundations for a method of street art. Each piece bears a comment about Salon-de-Provence, quoting a random user of TripAdvisor, the largest travel-related website on the Internet.

If looked at on Google Maps, the locations where these messages are pasted in the city of Salon-de-Provence comprise the project's title — "OUI?".

This project is the artist's ironic response to half-anonymous evaluations by TripAdvisor users, challenging their unambiguous nature regardless of whether their tone is positive or negative.